'Russian Troll Farm' is a comedy of confusion (and killing democracy)

By now, many folks have heard about Russian troll factories — office buildings full of workers whose job it was (and is) to convince Americans that democracy is pointless. The danger is to assume we’re immune. “These trolls were manipulating people across the political spectrum, on the left and on the right, and they were doing it for all kinds of different reasons,” said Sarah Gancher, whose dark comedy, “Russian Troll Farm,” opens Friday, April 22 in the Overture Playhouse.

Q&A: Artist Rita Mawuena Benissan captures her Ghanaian heritage under one big umbrella

Now people are saying, “OK, I can't go to a museum, I can’t go into a space. But on Instagram, I just go on my phone, and all this history is accessible to me.” They’re seeing a different perspective on how Ghana was. A lot of times they don’t have these photos or have access to them, so how are they going to see these moments? Or even the different traditional music? You’ll see documentation from other databases on YouTube, and I’m able to place those on our page. Like – Louis Armstrong, he pe
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