Lindsay Christians

Lindsay Christians (she/hers) is a full-time food editor and arts writer at The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin. “Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms and People” (UW Press, 2021) is her first book.

Recent work, and other samples

4 American Players Theatre artists on how APT is redefining 'classic'

American Players Theatre is a literary place. Where some theater companies emphasize dance, experimental design or new voices, this classical repertory company in Spring Green has been driven by poetry and prose for 45 years. Productoins this year involve diverse teams of artists, both behind the scenes and on the stages. We asked four artists working at APT this summer to talk about four of the season’s plays.

Madison restaurants fight COVID 'hangover' as federal funding stalls

To stay viable through the pandemic, restaurants deferred rent payments. They took out loans and shelled out money for masks, gloves, to-go boxes and bags. Supply chain issues pushed up costs. Wages needed to rise. “Politicians are looking at it like, ‘Businesses are bouncing back. Why do they need us to give them money now?’” said Tory Miller, who with Dianne Christensen owns L’Etoile and Graze in Madison. “People need to understand that so many of us aren’t out of it. We are really hurting still.”

Joy in a jar: Big Spoon Roasters’ nut butters celebrate a sustainable mission

Big Spoon Roasters president Mark Overbay has a list of 40 nut butter ideas he’s working on at any given time. These go beyond the Durham, North Carolina company’s rich lineup of nut butters, which already includes almond butter blended with chai spices, espresso, Fiji ginger and toasted coconut. What about pistachios? Figs? Pineapple and lime? That’s where the R&D club comes in.
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